Barcelona: La Sagrada Família

My (rather spontaneous) plan for my second day in Barcelona was to visit La Sagrada Família, the city's most famous building. When I travel to another country and visit a new city, I love to walk instead of taking the metro or bus. You can discover so many great things by actually walking around a city you would have definitely missed while sitting on a bus. Although it took me almost an hour to get from my train station to La Sagrada Família, I really enjoyed taking a walk through the beautiful streets of Barcelona. Unfortunately, it was still cloudy and grey, but nevertheless I was amazed by the beauty of that huge cathedral!

beautiful houses
the first glance at the cathedral
I just love the all the different colours and tiny details!
wearing something comfortable: top (Zara) - skirt (H&M)
new bracelets (Pull & Bear)

I didn't get inside La Sagrada Família because the queue was way too long and I didn't want to wait for two hours, so I decided to go back to the city centre and visit Casa Batlló instead.

Therefore, the next post coming up: Visiting Casa Batlló


  1. zuerst einmal, tolle fotos ! barcelona scheint echt eine stadt zu sein , die man mal besuchen sollte.

    dann wollte ich mich bedanken, dass du dir unseren neuen blog http://schwarzweissfotografie.blogspot.de/ angesehen hast. ganz ehrlich , wie findest du ihn ?

  2. This looks very interesting. Cool architecture!