On my third day in Barcelona I met up with two Couchsurfers, Simon from Germany and Russian Alex living in Australia, and we decided to walk up the hill Montjuïc, from where we would have a fantastic view over the city. You can either walk, take the gondola lift or take the funicular (which we did) to reach the top of the hill. During my stay in Barcelona I had the pleasure of being able to join La Mercè, an annual festival, and therefore the city was crowded with millions of people (there will be a separated post about La Mercè). It had so much fun with Simon and Alex and I really enjoyed this day, as you can see in the pictures!

outfit and view over Barcelona in the background!
Simon :-D
on top of Montjuïc
Simon, me, Alex in front of the fortress
parts of the fortress
harbour and fortress
Simon and me
people celebrating La Mercè and view over Barcelona - amazing, isn't it?
that huge building is La Sagrada Família
I love how the sun brightens up this scene
Simon, Alex, and me - Barcelona in the background
a tower
on top of the fortress
I wish I still had this tan!
Port Vell
Simon was so tired, he'd been laying around everywhere :-D
the fortress' entrance

little waterfall at Montjuïc
Next post coming up: La Mercè

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  1. Ich fahre auch bald nach Barcelona ;D tolle Bilder (Y) freu mich schon total drauf.

    Juls <3

  2. amazing pics and i love barcelona *_*

  3. Great photos! Barcelona looks amazing! I need to visit soon!


  4. Hi, dear! Adorable photoes! Great post, thank u for share! I also want to say thank u for stopping by my blog and all of your sweet words:) It would be great to follow each other,what do u think? I'm following you right now) Feel free to follow me back:)
    have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alex