Barcelona: Día 1 (Parte 1)

Finally: My first post about Barcelona/Spain! 

Although I set the focus of my travels on the south of Spain, I definitely didn't want to miss out Barcelona, and when I got a first glance at that huge city from my plane's window, I knew I wouldn't regret staying there for a week. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't as good as I would have assumed, but once being in Barcelona, you can forget the grey clouds quite easily and just enjoy this beautiful city. 
café // outfit: DIY batik top, Hollister Jeans, H&M necklace, Converse chucks, Longchamp bag

 I started my first day in Barcelona with a small lunch in a cute little café and then made my way through Gràcia and L'Eixample to spend the afternoon in Barri Gòtic. Barri Gòtic means "Gothic Quarter" and builds the centre of the old city in Barcelona, which means that you can find a lot of historical builings there, especially from Medieval times. When I got off the train at Passeig de Gràcia, I went along the whole avenue and could admire all these amazing buildings before I finally reached Barri Gòtic:
Casa Battló (a whole post about this building will follow!)
Casa Lleó Morera // ?

When I arrived at Barri Gòtic, the grey clouds began slowly to vanish and the sun came out - finally!
 La Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia
After having visited Barri Gòtic I went to Plaça Catalunya and Las Ramblas, but I will tell you more about this in another post.
I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my first day in Barcelona! :)

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  1. Dann solltest du dir welche machen und lass bloß die Schokolade nicht verbrennen! :D Das stinkt wie sonst was :D
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  2. dankeschön :)) ♥ du bist total hübsch, wie bearbeitest du deine bilder?
    liebst lola

  3. Aaaaaw, ich liiiiebe Barcelona, meine absolute Lieblingsstadt!! <3 Ganz tolle Bilder!

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  4. Danke :) Viel Spaß noch in Spanien!

  5. Great pictures!! :)xx


  6. Oar nach Barcelona will ich auch mal unbedingt! :)

  7. Wirklich beeindruckende Bilder!
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    Any x :)