I think I have a new obsession: Parkas! 
I already have one for summer, but now I'm thinking of getting one for the winter times as well. I just love how you can combine them in so many different ways. For me, this is the perfect winter jacket, so now all I'll have to do is find a parka that suits my taste :)
How do you like parkas?



As I've already mentioned, I had been in Barcelona during the festival La Mercè, which meant that the city was crowded with millions of people celebrating and enjoying all the great parties that took place during that weekend. When my friend told me that there would be a public holiday in Barcelona on Monday, I wasn't amused at all at first because public holidays always mean that all shops, museums, sightseeing attractions, etc. are closed. What I didn't know back then was that La Mercè would be so much cooler than doing sightseeing stuff! :) There were parades, human towers, free concerts (The Kooks!), parties everywhere, a light show at La Sagrada Família, children activities, and so much more. What I liked most was the light show - such a stunning and touching moment! But you'll see yourself in the pictures :)  
stage in front of the Cathedral - there were concerts and parties everywhere!


me and Simon at Las Ramblas
there were artists who had done these artworks using only natural supplies like flowers or wood
so beautiful!
alternative ways of keeping your bike ;)

being quite the hipsters and discovering Club-Mate Cola (which tasted quite good!)
advertising Club-Mate Cola :-D
people partying at an electronic festival
at Montjuïc 
most amazing show at La Sagrada Família!



On my third day in Barcelona I met up with two Couchsurfers, Simon from Germany and Russian Alex living in Australia, and we decided to walk up the hill Montjuïc, from where we would have a fantastic view over the city. You can either walk, take the gondola lift or take the funicular (which we did) to reach the top of the hill. During my stay in Barcelona I had the pleasure of being able to join La Mercè, an annual festival, and therefore the city was crowded with millions of people (there will be a separated post about La Mercè). It had so much fun with Simon and Alex and I really enjoyed this day, as you can see in the pictures!

outfit and view over Barcelona in the background!
Simon :-D
on top of Montjuïc
Simon, me, Alex in front of the fortress
parts of the fortress
harbour and fortress
Simon and me
people celebrating La Mercè and view over Barcelona - amazing, isn't it?
that huge building is La Sagrada Família
I love how the sun brightens up this scene
Simon, Alex, and me - Barcelona in the background
a tower
on top of the fortress
I wish I still had this tan!
Port Vell
Simon was so tired, he'd been laying around everywhere :-D
the fortress' entrance

little waterfall at Montjuïc
Next post coming up: La Mercè



Der Winter rückt immer näher und dieses Jahr würde ich mir gerne neue Winterschuhe kaufen, bevor mich die eisigen Temperaturen und der Schnee erreichen. Bereits letztes Jahr hatte ich ein Auge auf die Timberland Authentics Boots geworfen und daher überlege ich im Moment, ob ich mir die Stiefel kaufen soll. Allerdings kann ich mich nicht für eine Farbe entscheiden, daher meine Frage an euch:

Welche Stiefel gefallen euch besser? Wheat Nubuck oder Taupe Nubuck?



Barcelona: Casa Batlló

After having seen La Sagrada Família I decided quite spontaneously to visit Casa Batlló, a stunning house, which was restored by Gaudí and Jujol. Since I've been to Barcelona, I'm a huge admirer of Gaudí's works, and the very first moment I entered Casa Batlló, I knew that I would love this remarkable looking building. One thing you'll notice immediately is that there are no straight lines anywhere to be found in the house, but rather walls and doors that remind you of waves. Unfortunately, my camera's battery died during my visit and I therefore had to use my iPhone's camera, so you might notice quality changes.

Casa Batlló
entrance hall
the problem with travelling alone is that you always have to ask strangers to take photos of you - and sometimes they just fail at doing so ;)
I love all the lights, they create such a magical atmosphere
you could sit and have a break here
entry to the outdoor area
the back of the house
so typically Gaudí!
museum store
at the roof
view from the roof over the city
doesn't the roof look like the back of a dragon or dinosaur?
such magical stairs and halls!
Casa Batlló at night - beautiful, isn't it?
 Casa Batlló is definitely worth a visit, especially if you love modernistic art or buildings. I have never seen a house as unique and remarkable as this work by Gaudí, so if you come to Barcelona, don't leave out Casa Batlló - I promise you won't regret it!