As I've already mentioned, I had been in Barcelona during the festival La Mercè, which meant that the city was crowded with millions of people celebrating and enjoying all the great parties that took place during that weekend. When my friend told me that there would be a public holiday in Barcelona on Monday, I wasn't amused at all at first because public holidays always mean that all shops, museums, sightseeing attractions, etc. are closed. What I didn't know back then was that La Mercè would be so much cooler than doing sightseeing stuff! :) There were parades, human towers, free concerts (The Kooks!), parties everywhere, a light show at La Sagrada Família, children activities, and so much more. What I liked most was the light show - such a stunning and touching moment! But you'll see yourself in the pictures :)  
stage in front of the Cathedral - there were concerts and parties everywhere!


me and Simon at Las Ramblas
there were artists who had done these artworks using only natural supplies like flowers or wood
so beautiful!
alternative ways of keeping your bike ;)

being quite the hipsters and discovering Club-Mate Cola (which tasted quite good!)
advertising Club-Mate Cola :-D
people partying at an electronic festival
at Montjuïc 
most amazing show at La Sagrada Família!

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  1. too cool! you look very nice, I like the pants! xo

  2. Great pics, love Barcelona!


  3. geile bilder :D
    will auch mal nach barcelona :) raus aus dem kalten deutschland!!! :'D
    deine hose ist toll :)!!

  4. I was there long time ago. All pics looks great. Perfect job.


  5. love love love BARCELONA!

    - A.