Mittlerweile hat sich Instagram zu einer meiner allerliebsten Apps entwickelt und dementsprechend habe ich auch fleißig Fotos geknippst. Durch meine Blogabwesenheit haben sich einige Bildchen bei mir angesammelt, die euch nun einen kleinen Einblick darüber geben sollen, was ich in den letzten Monaten alles gemacht oder erlebt habe. Wer noch mehr Fotos sehen möchte, kann gerne mal hier vorbeischauen :)

// During the last couple of months instagram has definitely become one of my favourite apps and therefore I've taken lots and lots of photos using this wonderful app. All these photos shall now provide you a small insight into what I have experienced and done during the last months. If you want to see even more photos feel free to have a look here :)

MAY 2013
(1) Easter brunch (2) view in Crotia (3) my old kitchen (4) me during a small shopping spree (5) Timmy (6) first days of sunshine (7) enjoying a day at the beach (8) yummy food (9) off we go to Croatia (10) in Croatia (11) beach (12) frozen yoghurt (13) beautiful sunset in Croatia (14) Timmy looking like a bunny (15) hiking in Croatia's mountains

JUNE & JULY 2013
(1) beautiful backpack I unfortunately had to send back :/ (2) missing the great weather in Croatia (3) my new Nikes (4) enjoying a lovely summer day with my family (5) Trier at 6am in the morning (6) Timmy came to visit me again (7) elephant parade in Trier (8) celebrating my little sister's birthday (9) huuuge dish of ice-cream (10) one of the many elephants (11) my sister and me (12) yummy lunch (13) learning outside with a fresh Arizona ice-tea (14) one more elephant (15) ootd (16) my addiction: ordering online (17) ice-cream (18) my macbook (19) oh how I love rocket salad! (20) .. and Ben & Jerry's (21) Kristina and me with our lovely hats (22) enjoying another hot day with refreshing drinks and frozen yoghurt (23) Porta Nigra (24) taking a wonderful summer walk

(1) my sister and me (2) beautiful pink flower in my former garden (3) Timmy trying on my flip flops (4) watching The O.C. all over again (5) cuuute little puppy (6) latest addiction: tumblr (7) milk-shake (8) waking up to sunshine (9) another visit to IKEA (10) me and the puppy (11) I just love vitamin water (12) Timmy dressed up as a ladybug (13) salad (14) watching Desperate Housewives (15) shower curtain in my old flat share

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  1. Du hast so einen schönen Blog mit ganz tollen Bildern :)
    Ich folge dir nun ♥
    Mach weiter so :)

  2. aaay was für´n süßen hund du hast x3

  3. such cute pictures <3
    and i have the same bedding :D

  4. Danke für dein Kommentar!
    Die Bilder sind sehr schön. Tolle Erinnerungen.
    lg♥ Full of Inspiration